All of our clients, regardless of their location and circumstances, are guaranteed a first-class service. Our numerous certifications are evidence of this.

This is the outcome of our strong commitment to continuous improvement. Moving forward. Researching. Offering a service which goes above and beyond the strictest quality controls measuring different areas of logistics: delivery times, the control and handling of goods and customer service.

In addition to this, we guarantee the implementation and updating of our Quality System, which enables us to achieve continual improvement in all of the processes that we are involved with.

Regulation ISO 14001, for example, is the end result of contributions by environmental experts from 70 countries and represents a milestone which will drive as never before the environmental management of companies: reducing waste, saving energy and protecting the environment. This crucial corporate responsibility regulation has, of course, already been completely implemented in Algeposa.

Algeposa  dispone del certificado de Operador Económico Autorizado (OEA), obtenido a través de Estibadora Algeposa S.A. el 31 de julio de 2013 con número ESAEOF13000049QM tipo F y a través de Agencia Marítima Algeposa SA el 22 de julio de 2013 con número ESAEOF13000047M2 tipo F, simplificación aduanera/protección y seguridad, tras las comprobaciones realizadas por la Dependencia Provincial de Aduanas de Gipuzkoa.


Other certificates