In an increasingly globalised world, the success of organisations depends on the optimisation of their processes and resources.

Algeposa Outsourcing provides its clients with the option of outsourcing part of their business management. Clients decide which process can be most efficiently performed by our company and they leave this process to us. While they concentrate on what they truly do best and what makes them competitive, we take on the responsibility for incorporating the most suitable material, technical and human means for the achievement of the objectives agreed.

Algeposa Outsourcing offers tailor-made solutions for all value areas, Non Core Business, in both the supply chain and in service processes. From managing the transportation of primary materials to the transformation, production, storage and distribution of products created.

Our clients include Grupo Celsa, Gonvarri, Ence, ArcelorMittal, etc.

Benefits for our clients

  1. Elimination of non-productive processes.
  2. Reduction in errors and issues through fulfilling quality levels agreed with the client: KPIs, SLAs and so on
  3. System for reporting, which provides the opportunity to make immediate decisions in order to guarantee quality and productivity.
  4. Transfer of know-how: over 30 years of experience in intermodal transport and in the industrial sector act as a testament to our value as a trusted partner.
  5. Improved productivity and quality through continuous improvement using the Lean Manufacturing philosophy (5S, SMED, TPM, etc.).
  6. Greater efficiency in management, production and distribution processes.
  7. Reduction in costs.

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