Algeposa Group also offers a comprehensive railway logistics service to facilitate the transit, manipulation and intermodal transportation of goods. We are able to monitor operations effectively, optimising time and costs.

The group works in collaboration with operators such as RENFE, SNCF and DB at the Atlantic and Mediterranean borders. We carry out every category of transfer and transportation between the Iberian peninsula and the rest of Europe. We are able to handle everything from steel products to general goods, forestry products, bulk cargo, cereals and mass consumption products;

In order to achieve this, we use cutting-edge machinery and warehouses which are equipped with bridge cranes and UIC and RENFE gauge tracks.

More than 35 years of railway logistics experience at the service of our clients

 Covered warehouses and lots, all with loading tracks and loading docks (intermodality).

Railway manoeuvres using our own equipment

Technical equipment for processing goods (bridge cranes, gantry cranes, trucks, etc.).

Handling of all types of goods, reaching 3.5 million Tn./year.

Coordination and communication with clients regarding the status and location of their goods

Our own technical developments.

Railway logistics

Transporte ferroviario

Rail transport

Everything our clients need to guarantee the collection, storage, transportation and distribution of their goods.

Every national and international railway route and connections to the main...

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Operaciones ferroviarias fronterizas

Railway operations at the border

Sending goods overseas should not be a barrier to guarantee  quality, security and service continuity.

At Algeposa Group we aid our clients with our extensive experience in management...

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Terminales de contenedores ferroviarios

Management of railway terminals

If Algeposa Group has become the leader in logistics, it is for one reason alone: our clients.

For this reason we have also organised the management of railway terminals in a precise and...

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